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18 July 2008

4 - Move Together For Humanity

Peace Idea Name : Move Together For Humanity
Peace Idea Number : 4
Peace Idea launch date : 17th July 2008
Who Can Use This Peace Idea? : Anyone
How Much Does It Cost? : FREE (well sort of, if you run/walk in a "fun run" you need to pay them to register)

How Does This Idea Work? :

This idea came about after thinking why I wouldn't spend $50 dollars on a ticket to see two football teams beat each other. But why I would spend $100 dollars to see two football teams raise money to find a cure for Aids?
In association with farishde.com
This idea is brought to you by
For information on why this great organization should make any Australian/human even prouder, check out their website. http://www.togetherforhumanity.org.au/

Together, we invite you to use the power of old and new hatreds or misconceptions to create a even more powerful future for us all. So if you’re proud of the fact you live in a world/country/city/time where you can walk with anyone you want, without out fear of persecution. Here is one idea on how to celebrate.

Move Together for Humanity!
Run or Walk with someone “different” to you.

What you can do if you wanna walk or run?

1. Decide who "some" in your society/family/workplace/religious community etc. or the media would say you shouldn’t be seen with. (let alone raise money for a charity with)

Some examples of this could be.

- A really famous movie star and a concierge with a phone embedded in his head.
- A Islamic school kid and a Camden resident
- The Melbourne lord mayor and the Sydney lord mayor.
- Shannon Nole and Wil Anderson.
- A driver who really loves Holden’s and a driver who really loves Fords.
- A Jewish Rabbi and a really famous Australian movie star in the USA.
- A Indian chef and a Pakistani chef.
- Someone from China and someone from Tibet.
- A migrant from Iran and a migrant from the USA.
- Or maybe you know two people who haven’t got along for a while? maybe you could offer to donate to a charity of their choice if they walk/run together?
- etc etc etc (i think you get the idea)

2. Contact them and ask them if they would like to walk/run with you to raise money for a charity of their choice. Choose an event you both can walk/run in. For example 'The City to Surf' in Sydney. www.city2surf.com.au/

3. Then both people (or groups of people) decide who they're going to raise money for from the large selection of charities doing great stuff everyday.

option 1. Join our Team : If you like you can raise money for Together for Humanity, a charity devoted to bringing people together. Everyone/anyone is welcome to join our team. For more info check out our team page here. http://city2surf.everydayhero.com.au/move_together_for_humanity

option 2. Individually : You can both create individual fundraising pages, on here you should explain to the world who it is your walking/running with. Chose your charity. NOTE: Both individuals don’t have to pick the same charity, you could use your imagination here... imagine if you both raised money for each others preferred charity? OR imagine if two people 'of difference' from Sydney decided to raise money for Children's Hospital in Melbourne? "I'd pay to see that!"

option 3. Create your own Team : Maybe your a large commercial, governmental, non-profit or community organization. Simply get as many diverse people from within your own organization, for example a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Atheist, Indigenous person, A Mighty Sharks fan, A Manly fan, A Swans fan, Labor voter, Liberal Voter, Japanese fisherman, Greenpeace member etc etc... chose your charity and create a Team fundraising page.

4. Then both people contact all their friends, family and workmates etc and explain to them what your're doing to build a more harmonious society. Then ask them to sponsor your walk/run if they like the idea. All money going to the charity you chose in step chose in step 3.

Easy right?...well if you think so get going, ring up or email someone you never thought you could/would and start raising money for something we all believe in.

Click on the 'comments' link below if you have a comment about this idea OR if you want to find someone different to run with etc etc. You can also click on the envelope below if you want to tell a friend about this idea.

If you have any questions about this idea, contact;

Phil from farishde.com
0415 406 914
Zalman Kastel
National Director
Together for Humanity Foundation
(02) 9988 3318, 0423 981 368


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great idea--I particularly like the "two people who haven't got along for a while."
Like the old song says "let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me." Far too many of us talk about loving humanity in an abstract way, while unable to get along with our neighbors, our co-workers, our friends, our families. So, what a great idea to simply start a mass movement simply to creat world peace on the micro-level, and then maybe move up....