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6 February 2008

2 - farishde Peace Brokerage

Peace Idea Name : farishdeTM Peace Brokerage
Peace Idea Number : 2
Peace Idea launch date : 6th Feb 2008
Who Can Use This Peace Idea? : Anyone with a peaceful idea or helpful spirit.
How Much Does It Cost? : FREE

How Does This Idea Work? :

If you have a peaceful idea, invention or business idea BUT need help on how to bring it to be. We will try to set you up with peaceful people who may be able to help you. Simply contact us with your details and needs.

If you work in or have experience in a industry that could possibly assist people with peaceful ideas AND you want to offer your services, advice or a helping hand. Simply contact us with your details. Here are some people who may be able to help.

  • Patent lawyers
  • Manufaturers
  • Organisations who offer assistance to new businesses
  • Advertising companies
  • Media agents
  • Journalists
  • Public Relations specialists
  • Event Organisers
  • Local councils
  • Government agencies
  • etc

Why I Love this idea :

No human should ever have an excuse as to why their potentially peacefully idea never got a chance.


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