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21 May 2008

The first time we were added to a links list.

Today is the most exciting day so far for farishde.com, let me explain.

On the farishde ideas page, I have a list of links to peaceful websites, organisations and people who make 'me' proud to be human. Anytime I add someone to this list, I try and send them an email confirming I have done so and to give them the option of being removed if they believe my site would offend them or their readers.

Well, usually, I don't get a reply which is understandable, I'm sure most websites get loads of emails from all over the world. I never expect a reply.

But yesterday I received a reply from the webmaster of http://www.theparentscircle.com/

Words can't describe the admiration I have for the Israeli and Palestinian parents involved in 'the parents circle - families forum' project.

THEREFORE :) I'll let you imagine for a second......how shocked and proud I was to be informed by the webmaster, that my little site from Cronulla Australia will be added to their links list, next to some REALLY peaceful sites. check out our first link here... http://www.theparentscircle.com/Links.asp

I knew from the moment I started farishde.com that I was bound to see some amazing things. But this is ridiculous.


PO Box 1296 Cronulla 2230 Sydney AUSTRALIA