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13 July 2010

2010 City2Surf "Move Together For Humanity"

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This year, farishde.com will be sponsoring the first 35 people to join
with a $35 donation each!

So simply by joining our team! ANY city2surfer can automatically raise $35

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A great day out together with people from all walks of life to support work that changes attitudes from prejudice to respect and cooperation.

We want serious runners, walkers & Plodders, Atheists, Bhudists, Christians, Carnivores & Vegans, Jews and Muslims, Easties & Westies.

Please spread the word. It was great fun last year, and raised quite a bit of $ which enabled us to do great work in schools. Let's do even better this year.

If you haven't heard about or seen the great work this kids charity does? check out

Step 1: Ensure that you have registered to participate in the City2Surf. If you haven't yet signed up go to http://www.city2surf.com.au

- You can start in any of the starting groups, however if you've never done it before, select the "BACK OF THE PACK" this is where our "Move Together for Humanity" team will be all starting from. (after we start together, you're welcome to go as fast or as slow as you want)
- If you want to join our "Move together For Humanity" fundraising team, there is no need to create your own fundraising page.

Step 2: Go to our fundraising page here


- To join our team, click on the grey "JOIN THIS TEAM"
- You will be asked for a password to join this team, our password is together

Step 3: Start training and email/facebook/twitter/blog as many people as you can, telling them what you’re doing and ask for them to show their support e.g. by clicking on our fundraising webpage


and either

a) making a donation online
b) joining our team
c) telling any of their city2surf mates to think about joining our diverse team

If you have more questions, please contact me or Zalman anytime.

Phil Costas

on behalf of the 2010 City2Surf "Move together for humanity" team
0415 406 914 (Int +61 415 406 914)

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