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15 December 2007

Farishde's first blog

Welcome all, this is farishde's first blog. If you're like me and not too sure what a blog is, I can tell you that this is where I will try to document the journey of www.farishde.com and everything that comes from it.

I hope to show on here;

  • how I started a peaceful business in industries I have no experience, with no money, and made a profit
  • how I advertised a peaceful business with no money
  • how to build positive brand association as opposed to negative or neutral
  • how the peaceful people we all meet through our actions help us in ways we don't expect
  • the challenges that running a peaceful business bring
  • the pleasant surprises that running a peaceful business bring

I think its only fair to tell you that I have no idea what I'm doing. I have never owned a business before, I have basic html experience but have never owned a website before.

example : After paying for my web hosting and getting my domain name, I'm trying to see my own website, but no luck!!! so I asked all my friends to see if they can see my new site, and they can!! ??? so even as I'm writing this, everyone else in the world can see my website "except me!!!".

Why am I telling you all this?..... If someone as hopelessly out of their depth as me (and the people I will meet) can build a successful brand based purely on peace. I want other organisations with hundreds, thousands or billions of dollars and buildings full of creative/bored employees to think about the profits they could be making by proudly declaring /marketing their peace.

If anyone ever has a comment or would like to get in touch, my contact details are below. Or you can always leave a comment to any blog here.



PO Box 1296 Cronulla 2230 Sydney AUSTRALIA