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6 February 2008

3 - Peacerist

Peace Idea Name : Peacerist - A human who participates in acts of peacerism
Peace Idea Number : 3
Peace Idea launch date : 6th Feb 2008
Who Can Use This Peace Idea? : Anyone
How Much Does It Cost? : FREE

How Does This Idea Work? :

Why terrorism works is because of the mystery and fear! The public never knows who the terrorists are, they dont know if and when a act of terrorism will occur.

Why peacerism will work is because of the mystery and hope! The public will never know who the peacerists are, they will never know if and when an a act of peacerism will occur.

If and when you hear, see or read about an act of peacerism, tell the world by commenting about it below, and we will tell the world.

Or ring your favourite radio and TV station, write to your favourite newspaper Or write about it on your blog etc

This idea is in its infancy, their is lots more to come. If I told you all the details, I wouldn't be a true peacerist.

Why I Love this idea :

The person sitting next to you on a bus or plane could be a peacerist.


Click on the 'comments' link below if you have a comment about this idea OR you know a good story about someone you think is a Peacerist. You can also click on the envelope below if you want to tell a friend about this idea.

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